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Marketing and Sales

Finding the right marketing message and communication strategy in China is a delicate process. Many companies come to China hoping to apply tried and true marketing strategy from their home office only to find that they do not have the same positive impact in China because of the difference in the wants and needs of Chinese consumers.

When helping clients effectively target Chinese consumers, our Marketing and Sales practice focuses first on understanding the specific consumer demographic our client is trying to serve. Often these consumers can best be reached through use of traditional marketing approaches such as billboard, TV, and print advertising. However, these approaches sometimes do not have the strong effect that they have elsewhere and other more innovative methods are needed.

Our experts are adept at identifying and strategizing marketing approaches including online marketing, interactive marketing, and use of non-traditional ad space to spur consumer interest. We are also expert at understanding the differences in marketing needs for different consumer segments and across different regions. Through comprehensive tailored market research, in-depth discussion of consumer needs, and our understanding of marketing trends in China we are able to develop an actionable strategy that clients can use to accurately target and attract the customers they need.

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