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Developing effective strategies across a range of marketing disciplines -- including branding, pricing, segmentation, and marketing effectiveness -- requires broad insights into consumers and their needs. Understanding the motivations, wants and needs of Chinese consumers is critical to success in China.

Our starting point is a broad understanding of our client's business and the particular business challenges at hand. We establish clear objectives that align with business realities and then determine which research approaches, designs, and analyses will generate the clearest, most useful insights for our client. Our consumer insight research ranges from in-depth qualitative observational studies to focus groups to major quantitative studies. In developing customer insights, we may also apply tailored, state-of-the-art processes to address specific issues, such as brand strategy. Once the research data is in hand, we begin the process of interpretation and synthesis. Our expertise, along with our familiarity with both the client's business and the marketplace, enable us to cull the most actionable consumer insights from the data. We provide a tailored solution that directly addresses our client's specific business objectives.

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