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Market Research Case Studies

Product Innovation: Leading European Chemical Company Case Study

Stage 1 Evaluation of Opportunity and Unmet Needs
Stage 2 Identification of Market Entry Options


Our client, a leading European chemical company, came to CMR to see what technologies they should invest in to shape the chemical market towards their high end applications.

Stage 1 Evaluation of Opportunity and Unmet Needs

CMR conducted one on one interviews with potential target accounts for our client in three different sectors to identify if and how demand for their end products was changing, and their expectations for growth in the near future. Interviews and desk research also provided insight into how changing government regulations in particular would influence demand for our client's products.

Stage 2 Identification of Market Entry Options

CMR evaluated different possible market entry options for the client. CMR conducted desk research and phone interviews with potential partners to generate a list of potential companies for partnering, licensing, or acquisition, ranked by order of relevance and likely fit for our client.

CMR used these insights to provide our client with a comprehensive evaluation of its various growth opportunities in China, and a prioritized list of initiatives by which the client could capitalize on those opportunities.


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