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Market Research Case Studies

French Financial Services Company

Stage 1 Consumers Insights
Stage 2 Strategy Formation


Part of one of France's largest conglomerates, this client asked CMR to help identify 1) the consumer group it should target to grow its credit card and other financial service offerings in China, and 2) key competitors, and how it should position itself relative to them.

Stage 1 Consumer Insights

For Stage 1 of this project, CMR interviewed 150 of our client's potential customers within a wide age range and across gender and socio-economic levels to gain key insights into consumer preferences and borrowing behavior such as why, when, and how the different consumer groups choose to borrow, and how their use of financial services can be expected to change as they get older, as well as valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the competition.

Stage 2 Strategy Formation

In Stage 2 of the project, In Stage 2 of the project, CMR used data from interviews to identify the consumer group that would yield the highest ROI for our client. We then analyzed that group's borrowing needs, motivations, and sophistication in order to create an actionable strategy by which our client could target this group. CMR also leveraged information on competitors to provide our client with the information and actions necessary to position itself more effectively in the Chinese market.


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