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Stage 1 Evaluation of Sales Potential, Outline of Purchasing Process
Stage 2 Government Policy Analysis
Stage 3 Competitor Insights


Our client, a leading software company, came to CMR to develop a growth strategy for China in the face of piracy problems and an unlcear sales process. Over the course of the 6 month project, CMR developed a 1, 3, 5 growth strategy for our client. .

Stage 1 Evaluation of Sales Potential, Outline of Purchasing Process

CMR conducted 1000 in depth interviews with decision makers in universities and research institutions throughout China to evaluate market size, rank sales potential by school and region, identify key decision makers and their product and service needs, and outline the software purchasing process in different regions across the country.

Stage 2 Government Policy Analysis

CMR conducted interviews with government officials to better understand the policy climate around our client's initiative, and any changes in support and funding our client could expect going forward. CMR used this information to develop strategy points for the client such as to which universities to target, and when, based on funding schedules.

Stage 3 Competitor Insights

CMR conducted in-depth desk research and one on one interviews with competitors and other major software providers to gain insight into how these companies have dealt with technical and organizational aspects such as optimal sales channels, product and service options, and strategies for dealing with macro issues such as intellectual property protection.

Using insights gathered through the above methodologies, CMR provided our client with an actionable understanding of the structure of and trends affecting Chinese higher education institutions, and how to target key decision makers in order to increase sales and adoption of the clients software throughout China.


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