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Market Research Case Studies

Leading Australian Cosmetic and Beauty Care Company

Stage 1 Product Feasibility
Stage 2 Routes to Market
Stage 3 Strategy


This beauty company is a household name in Australia, and engaged CMR over 3-months to investigate how its products would be received in China, to develop a market penetration sales strategy using distributors or selling direct, and to determine a market position.

CMR conducted interviews with 450 consumers and 30 retailers across the country to determine product feasibility, best route to market, and to identify the retailers that would best suit our client.

Stage 1 Product Feasibility

For Stage 1 of this project, CMR interviewed 450 potential consumers of our clientÕs products in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou to gather insight on the product, such as product and packaging attractiveness and appropriate pricing. We also gathered insight into the consumers themselves, such as brand and product knowledge, product education needs and shopping preferences in order to determine how the market would receive our clientÕs products.

Stage 2 Routes to Market

In Stage 2 of the project, CMR visited and interviewed 30 retailers divided equally between Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou to determine which would be the most appropriate place for our client to sell its products should it decide to enter China, and how to get its products into those stores.

Stage 3 Strategy

CMR analyzed the extensive data collected during consumer interviews to devise an accurate conclusion as to whether our client should ultimately enter China, identification of and comprehensive background information on its target consumer group, and the actions it needed to take should it decide to sell in China.


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