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Market Research Case Studies

For every project we take on, we work closely with clients to ensure that they receive the exact information they need to make smarter decisions in China. We deliver research that is customized, comprehensive and discreet, and have direct experience with many sectors of the Chinese economy.

Some examples of past projects include:

Fortune 100 Chemical Company

Stage 1 Market Analysis and Target Account Needs and Profiling
Stage 2 Consumer Insights
Stage 3 Retailer Analysis
Stage 4 Strategy


Our client, a Fortune 100 chemical company that has already invested billions of USD into China over the past 2 decades, engaged us to develop a 1, 3, and 5 year China growth strategy for its most profitable business unit worldwide. We developed actionable items by which our client could shape the market towards its products and services.

Through over 1000 in-depth face-to-face and phone interviews over a 6-month engagement, we helped our client understand the value chains that influence purchasing decisions by the end target account, the specific product and service needs of B2B key and target accounts, and the growth plans of their newly emerging domestic Chinese competitors.

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Fortune 500 TMT Company

Stage 1 Market Feasibility
Stage 2 Target Account Needs and Competitor Analysis
Stage 3 Strategic Recommendations


Our client is one of the world's leading TMT companies and their stock price consistently beats the markets.  Over the last 5 years, our clients’ stock price has risen almost 700% while the S&P has gone up 23.76%.  It is a market leader both in the US and in China and began generating profits in China several years ago. 

The company came to CMR because they wanted to have CMR help develop a strategic plan to increase revenues and profit margins by selling into untapped B2B sectors in Sichuan, Dongbei, Guangdong, Beijing, and Shanghai. (Read More)

Leading French Fashion Brand

Stage 1 Consumer Insights
Stage 2 Competitor Analysis
Stage 3 Strategy


Our client is one of Europe's top women's fashion clothing companies. Already successful in China for a decade, they engaged CMR to 1) discover new growth opportunities by identifying their target market and its needs, and determining additional product lines that could be added to the main driver of growth in a halo effect, and 2) to develop a 1, 3, and 5-year strategic plan including a new sales channel strategy, how to brand the company, and how to position the company versus competitors. (Read More)

Billion Dollar Private Equity Fund

Stage 1 Key Account Assessment
Stage 2 Asset Analysis
Stage 3 Growth Strategy Initiatives


Our client is billion-dollar-plus private equity fund. We helped them analyze a potential $100 million USD investment in China by conducting due diligence on a potential portfolio company and formulating viable strategies for growth post-investment in a time sensitive, one-month long project. (Read More)

Hedge Fund

Buy or Short a NASDAQ traded Chinese company

Stage 1 Financial Data Research
Stage 2 Phone Interviews
Stage 3 One-On-One Interviews
Stage 4 Stock Analysis


Our client, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, wanted to assess the future profitability of a Chinese company traded on the NASDAQ.  CMR’s mandate was to conduct in-depth one-on-one interviews with the decision-makers of the target company’s largest clients to determine their level of satisfaction with the service, likelihood of switching to competitors’ offerings, as well as their budget allocations for the next several quarters. (Read More)

Top 3 Largest Korean Conglomerate

Stage 1 Consumer Insights
Stage 2 Strategy Building

Our client is one of Korea's largest conglomerates, already selling over $10 billion USD worth of electronic items such as mobile phones, flat screen televisions, washing machines and refrigerators into the China market every year. They enlisted our help in strengthening long-term growth strategy by identifying the specific consumer groups they should target, creating the most practical and profitable strategies by which to target them, and determining a new unified company brand position to help rid the company of business silos.

CMR interviewed 300 target consumers in first and second tier cities throughout China to develop the perspective and strategy our client needed to position itself effectively and reach its target base.

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French Financial Services Company

Stage 1 Consumers Insights
Stage 2 Strategy Formation


Part of one of France's largest conglomerates, this client asked CMR to help identify 1) the consumer group it should target to grow its credit card and other financial service offerings in China, and 2) key competitors, and how it should position itself relative to them.

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Internet Portal

Stage 1 Acquisition Analysis
Stage 2 US and International Asset Analysis/ Consumer Insights
Stage 3 Strategy


Our client is one of world’s largest internet portals.  Along with one of America’s biggest private equity firms, they acquired a Chinese company in order to gain a better foothold in the China market.

They wanted CMR to analyze their acquisition to determine what operations held the most promise in China when considering the needs of Chinese consumers and our client’s current assets both in the US and abroad. (Read More)

Luxury Retailer

Stage 1 Surveys
Stage 2 Focus Groups
Stage 3 One-On-One Interviews
Stage 4 Strategy


Our client is one of the world’s leading luxury retailers, known throughout the world as a beacon for leading fashion in both men’s and women’s clothing.  They also sell accessories like bags and shoes, as well as home accessories.  They wanted to take advantage of Chinese consumers’ increasing purchasing power and interest in luxury products.

They asked CMR to help them gain consumer insights into their target markets and develop a strategy for opening a flagship store in Beijing before moving into other cities throughout China. (Read More)

Leading Australian Cosmetic and Beauty Care Company

Stage 1 Product Feasibility
Stage 2 Routes to Market
Stage 3 Strategy


This beauty company is a household name in Australia, and engaged CMR over 3-months to investigate how its products would be received in China, to develop a market penetration sales strategy using distributors or selling direct, and to determine a market position.

CMR conducted interviews with 450 consumers and 30 retailers across the country to determine product feasibility, best route to market, and to identify the retailers that would best suit our client. (Read More)

Global Consumer Product Brand

Stage 1 Mystery Shopping
Stage 2 Consumer Insights
Stage 3 Dealer Insights
Stage 4 Analysis

Our client is a household name worldwide selling nearly seventeen billion USD of products to consumers, with the China market being a major driver for growth. This client enlisted CMR to help evaluate and further strengthen in-store sales, an area we had previously identified as crucial in winning and keeping customers.

CMR sent mystery shoppers to our client's and our client's competitors' retail outlets in 7 cities across the country, and interviewed our client's current dealers and customers to create an accurate and actionable picture of its strengths, and areas to improve.

CMR sent mystery shoppers to our client's and our client's competitors' retail outlets in 7 cities across the country, and interviewed our client's current dealers and customers to create an accurate and actionable picture of its strengths, and areas to improve. (Read More)

Food & Beverage

Stage 1 Consumer Insights
Stage 2 Analysis
Stage 3 Strategy


Our client is the largest fast food chain in China and one of the largest fast food brands in the world. They have been operating in the country for more than two decades. They asked CMR to help them understand how consumer habits and perceptions of their brand, food offerings, and overall dining experience are changing, as well as what consumers think of established and emerging competitors.(Read More)

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