Chemical-China Market Research Group

Case Study:


Fortune 100 Chemical Company


Stage 1 Market Analysis and Target Account Needs and Profiling

Stage 2 Consumer Insights

Stage 3 Retailer Analysis

Stage 4 Growth Strategy



Our client is a Fortune 100 chemical company that has invested billions of USD into China over the past 2 decades. They engaged CMR to develop a 1, 3, 5-year China growth strategy for their most profitable business unit worldwide. We developed actionable items by which our client could shape the market towards their products and services.


Through over 1000 in-depth face-to-face and phone interviews over a 6-month engagement, we helped our client understand how value chains influenced target account purchasing decisions, the specific product and service needs of B2B key and target accounts, and the growth plans of our client's emerging domestic Chinese competitors. 


Stage 1 Market Analysis

For Stage 1 of this project, we conducted over 500 telephone and face-to-face interviews with constituents including key accounts, target accounts and key competitors to determine the major trends affecting our client in the next 1, 3, 5 year periods, and beyond. CMR used these insights to identify key opportunities and obstacles facing our client, expectations and needs of key and target accounts, and market shaping opportunities. 


Stage 2 Consumer Insights

In Stage 2 of the project, we conducted 250 face-to-face interviews with end consumers to discover their needs, purchasing motivations, and acceptable pricing structure. We outlined the purchasing process and identified areas where consumers could be influenced by marketing, allowing us to create an effective marketing communication strategy for our client.


Stage 3 Retailer Insights

CMR conducted 250 in-depth interviews with distributors and other key constituents in our client's value chain to determine growth opportunities in the market, retailer perceptions of consumer shopping patterns, pricing analysis and competitor analysis.


Stage 4 Growth Strategy

Through comprehensive analysis of the current and likely future status of the client's market, consumer needs, B2B and B2C insights, CMR was able to identify the most profitable market segments for our client to target, and build an actionable growth plan for the next 1, 3, and 5 year period by which the client could realize its strategic goals.