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Nancy, Chinese/American, Summer Intern, Harvard University

I currently study economics at Harvard. I was born in China but grew up in America so coming back to China in the summers is important for maintaining my cultural heritage. I interned at CMR because I wanted to learn more about market research. The internship at CMR was unforgettable as I became involved in many facets of various projects. My favorite part of the experience was getting to work directly on client projects.



Christie, American, Associate Business Analyst-Summer Intern, Wellesley College

I study economics and biology at Wellesley College. My internship at CMR provided me with the amazing opportunity to gain extremely useful professional research and problem-solving skills while getting an up-close look at the worlds most exciting economy. I worked on a number of projects for clients and learned a great deal about China from my fellow team members. A definite highlight was traveling to multiple cities in China to conduct real, on-the-ground field research.



Siwen, Chinese/Hungarian, Associate Business Analyst-Summer Intern, Wellesley College

Working in consulting has always attracted me because it requires one to have a wide knowledge base and the ability to think creatively and from different angles. Interning at CMR confirmed this aspect of the profession and I have gained tremendously just from simple discussions with my colleagues. The challenging environment allowed me to apply my theoretical knowledge in economics and politics and combine them with strategic thinking to generate novel ideas. My multicultural background was also valued highly, and I got to interact with people in many languages on a daily basis. I learned more about business strategy, China, and the Chinese market than I possibly could have in a classroom environment and that is why I found CMR such an enriching experience.

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