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2-Year Business Analyst Program

CMR's 2-year business analyst program is an introduction into the world of market research and strategy consulting. Business analysts typically join CMR upon completion of an undergraduate or master's degree or after spending 1-2 years working in other fields. The focus of the Business Analyst position is to learn and practice the skills necessary to perform top-tier market research and strategy consulting. CMR's business analysts take an active role in conducting primary research and are involved in analysis and project development. Upon completion of the 2-year program exceptional Business Analysts are promoted to the Analyst position while others take the skills they have learned and apply them in industry, at non-profits, or continue their education.


Upon promotion from the Business Analyst program, professionals typically spend 2-3 years at the Analyst level. Analysts are expected to take the skills that they learned at the business analyst level and further develop them as they take a more active role in analysis and project execution. It is at this stage that employees begin to develop further expertise in key areas of research and analysis and really put their skills to work.

Senior Analyst

Senior analysts have mastered the necessary skills to plan and conduct research using a variety of methodologies. At the senior analyst stage professionals take an active role in project management and apply a formidable array of skills to perform top notch analysis as well as help their team develop top flight analytical skills. The Senior Analyst position typically continues for 3 years at which time exceptional Senior Analysts are promoted directly to the Associate Principal level. Others leave to pursue a MBA or professional degree programs.

Associate Principal

Associate principals are expected to take a leading role in project management and are able to oversee a large part of an engagement. At this level employees possess exemplary research, planning, and strategy skills and they are able to bring their expertise to bear in formulating the innovative strategy and actionable items needed to bring success to our clients in a variety of fields. After 2-3 years, once associates have displayed the skill and leadership required to manage projects they are ready for the next step, Principal.


Principals are expected to be able to manage all facets of a project including project planning, team management, research and analysis, strategy development, and client facing relationships. At this stage principals will have begun to develop expertise in key fields and are sought after and considered thought leaders in their areas of expertise. Often principals will be expected to provide oversight for multiple projects as they further develop their expertise and excellence in strategic planning. After the 3-5 years required to develop true expertise in a field or fields of interest principals take on the role of director.

Director/ Senior Advisor

As Directors our strategy consultants are expected to be deeply involved in the development of client relationships. The expertise that Directors have mastered during their time at CMR is at this stage applied to building trust with clients and key actors in their areas of expertise. Directors are able to maintain strong relationships with current clients as well as assist new clients in meeting and exceeding the needs of their businesses as they strive for market beating success. This is the level that most experienced professionals with 15 years of experience in a non-strategy consulting firm join CMR.

Managing Director

After 3-5 years as a Director, exceptional professionals are ready for the position of Managing Director. At this most senior position, managing directors act as a driving force to maintain CMR at the forefront of the strategy consulting field and help CMR to serve clients in the most effective way possible as we guide companies to success in China and around the world.

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