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Michelle, Chinese, Analyst, MS Computer Science, Fudan University

I recently completed my Master's degree in computer science at Fudan University. I was offered a job from a Fortune 50 IT company upon graduation, but after careful consideration decided not to take this offer and take the challenge of being in strategy consulting. At this early stage in my career what I wanted most of all was exposure to a wide variety of industries, rather than to limit myself to one specific area.

I was lucky to find CMR. Our clients represent a wide variety of top tier companies from Fortune 100 chemical companies to top European fashion retailers to Korean technology conglomerates. In addition to getting exposure to a wide variety of industries, I have the chance to travel to various cities around the country. Finally, I am happy to work at CMR because of the team atmosphere. No matter how senior, my colleagues are willing to share their experiences and share insights into how to be a better analyst. CMR's emphasis on teamwork makes for a rewarding work environment.

Recent Project Experience:

Top 3 Korean Conglomerate-China Growth Strategy:Worked on 6 month engagement to develop a growth strategy for China by evaluating current relationships with retailers, marketing communication effectiveness, marketing strategies, and brand positioning in order to develop a comprehensive brand alignment to unify product platforms and drive long term sales

Leading French Retailer-Regional Sales Strategy:Over a 3 month engagement examined key competitors' strengths and weaknesses, industry best practices, consumers' product and service needs, and distribution options in order to formulate a regional sales strategy

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