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2-Year Business Analyst Program

CMR's 2-Year Business Analyst program offers smart and motivated individuals the chance to work in a fast-paced, international work environment with a commitment to excellence. Business Analysts typically join us after completion of an undergraduate or master's degree, or after 1-2 years work experience in a non-strategy consulting field.

The focus of the Business Analyst position is to learn and practice the skills necessary to perform top-tier market research and strategy consulting. CMR invests heavily to ensure its team members have the best possible training. Upon entering the company, Business Analysts start in CMR Academy, our in-house institution for training team members on a formal, on-going basis. CMR Academy consists of a series of Learning Modules, the first four of which are "Key Learning Modules", providing intensive training in the tools we use every day. While CMR also emphasizes the invaluable skills gained from hands-on work experience, the formal learning process continues at regular intervals throughout the 2-year program, for a total of 20 Learning Modules.

Through training at the CMR Academy and during career development gained from working on a wide range of projects, the Business Analyst position at CMR is a great stepping stone for high achievers looking for a good start to their career. At the end of 2 years, most Business Analysts leave to pursue careers in industry or to continue studies. A few, exceptional Business Analysts are promoted directly to the Analyst position.

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