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For every project we take on, we work closely with clients to ensure they reveive the exact information they need to make smarter decisions in China. We deliver research that is customized, comprehensive and discreet, and have direct experience with many sectors of the Chinese economy.

Case Study: French Financial Service Company

Stage 1 Consumer Insights

Stage 2 Strategy Formation



Department of one of France's largest conglomerates, this cliend asked CMR to help identify 1) consumer groups it should target to grow its credit card and other financial service offerings in China, and 2) key competitors, and how it should position itself relative to them.


Stage 1 Consumer Insights

For Stage 1 of the project, CMR interviewed 150 of our client's potential customers within a wide age range and across gender and socio-economic levels to gain key insights into consumer preferences and borrowing behavior such as why, when and how the different consumer group choose to borrow, and how their use of financial service can be expecated to change as they get older, as well as valuable insight into their perceptions of strengths and weaknesses of the competitors.


Stage 2 Strategy Formation

In Stage 2 of the project, CMR used data from interviews to identify consumer groups that would yield the highest ROI for our client. We then analyzed the goups' borrowing needs, motivations and sophistication in order to create an actionable strategy by which our client could target this group. CMR also leverage information on competitors to provide our client with the infomation and actions necessary to postion itself more effctively in the Chinese market. 


Case Study: Leading French Fashion Brand

Stage 1 Consumer Insights
Stage 2 Competitor Analysis

Stage 3 Strategy Formation



Our client is one of Europ's top women's fashion clothing companies. Being successful in Cina for a decade, it engaged CMR to 1) discover new growth opportunities by identifying target market and needs and determining additional product lines that could be added to the main driver of growth in a halo effect, and 2) develop a 1, 3, and 5-year strategic plan including a new sales channel strategy, how to brand the company, and how to position the company versus competitors.


Stage 1 Consumer Insights

For Stage 1 of the project, CMR conducted 1-on-1 in-depth interviews with 300 consumers within our client's target demographic in 6 cities from Chengdu in the West to Tianjin in the Northeast. Through insight from our research, we were able to identify better sales channels to reach target consumers, and deliver to our client the actionable items needed to adjust and expand existing product lines and services in order to better capture and retain the business of their target market.


Stage 2 Competitor Analysis

In Stage 2 of the project, CMR gathered insight into key competitors by speaking with consumers about their experience with competitors, as well as conducting our own analysis of the competition via desk research. The insights regaring competitor strengths and weaknesses enabled CMR to provide client with the right strategy to postion itself in the competition and define its brand.


Stage 3 Strategy Formation

Based on the information gathered from interviews and our own desk research, CMR was able to redefine and identify a new core target market, determine four new product lines that could be leveraged to sell, and update sales strategy from catalog-focused to a more profitable mix of e-commerce and retail stores.


Within several months of implementing our recommendations, our client's sales from e-commerce more than doubled and sales continued to increase with double digit growth rate.



Case Study: Fortune 500 Technology, Media, Telecom (TMT) Company

Stage 1 Market Feasibility
Stage 2 Target Account Needs and Competitor Analysis

Stage 3 Strategic Recommendations



The client is one of the world's leading TMT companies whose stock price consistently beats the market. Over the last 5 years, the client's stock price has risen 700% while the S&P has gone up 23.76%. It is a market leader in both the US and China and began generating profits in China several years ago. The company came to CMR to have CMR help develop a strategic plan to increase revenues and profit margins by selling into untapped B2B sectors in Sichuan, Northeast China, Guangdong Province, Beijing and Shanghai


Stage 1 Market Feasibility

For Stage 1 of this project, CMR utilized desk and internet research to determine B2B sectors that would have the most growth potential for our client considering their current assets. Within this sector we identified the procurement managers of potential clients, as well as their current suppliers and annual expenditures in this sector. 


Stage 2 Target Account Needs and Competitor Analysis

In Stage 2 of the project, CMR conducted extensive phone interviews with key executives in 100 of the targets we identified as having the best potential for our client. Through the interviews, we found out who our client's major competitors were by region and what they were ding successfully and what were their shortcomings. We ascertained the needs of potential clients including those not being met by current suppliers and we determined their budgets, purchasing timeline and service requirments as well as relevant background info on the decision-makers.


Stage 3 Strategic Recommendations

After analyzing our market intelligence, CMR developed a sales stratety for our client in Stage 3. We gave actionable recommendations to our client on how best to allocate sales resources, where to focus sales efforts and how to reorganize current assets to be more effective. We identified and ranked their top 100 targets by region and potential revenue. We also compiled a report with the contact information and relevant background information of the decision makers in the target companies.


This analysis allowed our client to tap into a new market, grow profit margins and realize an annual increase in revenue of at least 3 million USD. 


Food & Beverage

Case Study: Top Fast Food Brand

Stage 1 Consumer Insights
Stage 2 Market and Market Entry Analysis

Stage 3 Strategy Formation



Our client is the largest fast food chain in China and one of the largest fast food brands in the world. They have been operating in China for more than 2 decades. CMR was hired to help them understand how consumer habits and perceptions of their brand, food offerings, and overall dining experience are changing, as well as what consumers think of established and emerging competitors.


Stage 1 Consumer Insights

In Stage 1 of the project, our analysts conducted over 270 1-on-1 interviews of 20 minutes to an hour in length with consumers in 6 cities across China. 


Stage 2 Market and Market Entry Analysis

From the insights we gained, we formed a detailed, complete and up-to-the-minute picture of what consumers across 4 age segments think and expect of our client, as well as the factors that drive their decisions to visit the client's and competitors' restaurants and order specific products.


Stage 3 Strategy Formation

In Stage 3, we developed actionable strategic recommendations for our client based on our findings, focusing on increasing customer visit frequency, loyalty and per-visit order size.


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