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Consulting Magazine Names CMR's Shaun Rein Top 30 Consultant Worldwide Under Age of 30


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Consulting Magazine recently named me one of the Top 30 Consultants Worldwide under the age of 30.

While I am very honored by this award, to me this recognition reflects more on the quality of CMR's entire team than me personally. Offering top-notch advice to our clients is based on the efforts and talent of a team, not one person. I am very proud of this award because it shows that CMR has assembled one of the finest teams worldwide in the strategy consulting field.

From when we started just 2 years ago, we have been working hard to reach our goal of being the #1 strategy consulting firm in China, considered premium to firms like McKinsey and Bain because of our rabid attention to our clients needs and methodologies that are China focused.

Our hard work is paying off as we have beaten Bain and Deloitte in pitches, been hired to redo work that McKinsey did for a client, and nearly 80% of our clients have already engaged us for 2nd and 3rd projects. We have worked with clients from the US, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong and Korea in a variety of sectors from chemicals to FMCG to luxury items to retail to fashion to electronics to hedge funds. In just the last year, some of the deals we have worked on:

1) Fortune 100 chemical company: we helped one of the world's largest chemical companies that has invested billions of USD into China over the past 2 decades to determine a China growth strategy over the next 1, 3 and 5 year time horizons. Through over 1000 in-depth face-to-face and phone interviews, we helped our client understand their competitors and needs of both B2B and B2C target accounts and came up with a strategy with actionable items to shape the market towards their products and services.

2) Top 3 largest Korean conglomerate: we helped one of Korea's largest conglomerates that sells over $10 bil. USD worth of electronic items into the China market every year develop a long-term marketing communication strategy by understanding the target consumers needs are through 300 in-depth interviews with consumers in 1st tier and 2nd tier cities throughout China. We developed a strategy and actionable items for our client to position themselves and reach their target base.

3) Fortune 25 FMCG company: our client has been selling successfully into China for decades but wanted to get a better understanding of how to target Chinese youth and how to capture trends. We helped them develop consumer insights into both male and female Chinese youth in 1st through 3rd tier cities, what their motivations are when buying products, and how best to target them.

4) One of the world's top 3 largest mutual fund companies: our client has the trust of millions of consumers worldwide with their retirement plans. Our client used our services to conduct primary research into Chinese companies traded on the NASDAQ, Singapore, and Hong Kong exchanges to determine the investment prospects of specific companies and how to allocate funds. Investing in Chinese companies is not easy, our primary research helped our client understand better from the ground the growth prospects of their potential investments.

5) Top French clothing retailer: already successful in China for a decade, our client engaged us to determine how to develop a new sales channel strategy, identify the needs of the target market, and determine additional product lines that could be added to the main driver of growth in a halo effect. By conducting 300 in-depth interviews with consumers in 6 cities in China from the West in Chengdu to the northeast in Tianjin, we developed an actionable growth strategy for our client by developing in-depth consumer insights and the best sales channels for them going forward in China.

As we continue to compete with and beat Bain and McKinsey in China, we must keep our highest standards for our clients. We have to continue to use all of our brainpower and look at issues for our clients in an innovative way.

We have also remained a worldwide thought leader for business in China. I continue my semi-regular Asia Insights column for BusinessWeek, contribute commentaries to Forbes, as well as Knowledge Wharton. These commentaries solidify our position as the thought leaders in the world that is analyzing business in China.

Overall, this has been a great year for CMR, but we need to continue to work hard and never go astray from exceeding the expectations of our clients and delivering to them the strategies, insights, and actionable items they need to hit their strategic goals.

Warm Wishes,

Shaun Rein

Founder and Managing Director

China Market Research Group (CMR)

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