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Winning the HR Battle in China


As China shifts from manufacturing to a service-led economy, the demand for skilled labor is heating up. The lack of white collar workers has created a mercenary class of executives who bounce from job to job seeking wage increases of even just several hundred dollars a year. Many multinationals follow misguided human resource strategies that intensify the problem. In this thought leader position in Forbes, CMR highlighted the following three areas as key for companies looking to attract and keep Chinese talent

* Do not build glass ceilings by populating the senior ranks of Chinese operations with foreigners and overseas. MNCs should implement uniform pay packages, increase the number of high level Chinese executives who get promoted through the ranks and develop clear career paths that Chinese employees know they can follow

* Understand that high salaries are no longer enough to keep executives onboard. Increasingly Chinese consider the most important determinant in job satisfaction the trappings of a comfortable, balanced life

*Understand employees’ need and want for ongoing training. Firms must develop programs that teach the business skills employees need and help them feel like they are progressing in an organization that cares for about them

Read about the successful strategies used by L’Oreal and Starwood to help retain employees in the rest of the thought leader position in Forbes.

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