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Strategies for Chinese Companies Going Global


Leading Chinese companies are increasingly looking overseas for their next growth opportunity to become global players.

CMR recently conducted over 500 interviews with senior executives in Chinese companies across ten industries, and found that a full 70% of large industry leaders have already made meaningful steps toward global expansion, as had one third of smaller industry leaders. With plummeting valuations and weakened American firms slashing payrolls and marketing budgets, look for the trend to continue.

In our experience in helping companies go global, CMR has noticed many Chinese companies making the same mistakes going abroad that foreign firms make when moving into China. In this latest thought leader position for BusinessWeek, CMR MD Shaun Rein highlights key strategy points for successful overseas expansion.

* Define your brand. Chinese brands must not commoditize themselves overseas by competing on cost alone, but find their niche and develop a sustainable brand strategy.

* Balance HQ and local leadership. Local management teams need enough autonomy to make decisions and give the company flexibility on the ground.

* Make smart acquisitions. For many Chinese companies, mergers and acquisitions can and should be not only a quick way to gain market share abroad, but a means of access to expertise and cutting-edge technologies

Read how companies like Haier are creating major success overseas in the rest of the commentary in BusinessWeek.

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